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Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund Certified Quarter Horses For Sale!

  Some horses are show ready, some have show experience with AQHA points in either halter or riding or both, some are broodmares in foal. All of our weanlings are disciplined through halter training. Some may ride later, too. MQH is an all-around training facility, tailoring the training to the specific needs of the horse. We begin with the basics and expand in the direction the horse shows ability. Our bloodlines include Big Step, Impressive, Skipper W, Te N Te, Conclusive, Reynolds Rap, Coys Impressor, Rugged Lark, Man O War, Sonny Dee Bar, Tee Jay Roman, Two-Eyed Jack, Maxxis, Touchdown Kid, Echol, Brio, and many foundation lines.

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Quarter horse for sale, Supersized  Quarter horse for sale, Supersized  Quarter horse for sale, Supersized 

LORD COOL SKIP, aka Supersized

"A Certified KyBIF Horse"
2010 Liver Chestnut Gelding N/N
Sir Cool Skip x Touchdown Number One

   Lord Cool Skip is nicknamed Super. I wanted to name him Supersized but that name was rejected by AQHA. Supre has been gelded, is a very smooth ride and is ready for an amateur rider. We have been riding him for a year and a half. Super has hocks to die for and a great topline. He is a topnotch profiler with a very easy going disposition. He loves a bath, grooming, stands well for the farrier, straight legs, beautiful little head and long neck. Put together well. Super has excellent confirmation for someone who wants to earn AQHA and KyBIF points either in trail classes or halter. Would do well with an experienced youth. Click here to see more photos in Supers' Facebook Album.
Quarter horse for sale, Supersized  Quarter horse for sale, Supersized 

quarter horse gelding for sale cross country eventing  quarter horse gelding for sale stadium jumping  quarter horse gelding for sale cross country eventing

"A Certified KyBIF Horse"
2002 Buckskin Gelding 16.1HH
Skips Bo Bid x Glowing Fantasy

  In 2009, Zack began eventing.He loves the combination of dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country eventing as evidenced by his can-do attitude and top three placement at every show. Most shows he is first or second. As of April 2011, Zack is jumping Novice level at shows, but practicing Prelim and Training level heights at home. Zack is gearing up for a horse trial at Queeny Park in St.Louis on June 11-12, 2011.
Standing 16.1, Zack is extremely athletic, mentally and physically mature and a fluid, agile mover. Nothing gets this big guy down. He did 90 days interval training with an Olympic dressage rider as a 4 YO. Zack has had miles and miles of trail riding since he was a 2 YO. He was haltered as a yearling winning the Kentucky State Fair, reserve champion gelding at the KQHBA Futurity and the Kentucky Futurity (see Show Button for more show information). He has been raised right and brought along slowly. Zack's dam and sire have cutting, reining and cow all through their backgrounds which explains his versatility and endurance. His height comes from his paternal grandsire, Skip and Bid, who was also 16.1.
 In 2008, Zack completed 8 months of training in trail and hunter under saddle. He has also had 90 days of roping/cow work in 2008.  Zack is a serious competitor adn is all business at a show/HT. He knows his job and is the perfect partner for an owner wanting to move through the levelsl Very soft in the mouth, easy off the leg. If you need a serious show partner, Zack is for you. Rides both English and Western and has the confirmation to win Performance Halter points. He is nearly bombproof due to all of his ground training and trailering experience. Click here for additional pictures.

Quarter horse for sale, Happy To See You  Quarter horse for sale, Happy To See You  Quarter horse for sale, Happy To See You


"A Certified KyBIF Horse"
2009 Liver Chestnut Colt
The Finest Mocha x RS Nif Te

  "Happy" is a remarkable gelding. Straight legged and well put together, Happy stands 16HH and is still growing. He is liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. He has a listening personality and learns very quickly. Happy is long muscled with a deep heart girth and muscled back. He is very curious about everything and very friendly. Happy has beautiful leg extension and has a light, lofty step. He seems to glide on air when trotting and cantering. He is a very healthy and "Happy" boy. N/N. Lunges, clips, loads, ties, loves a bath and stands well for the farrier. He has been under saddle with a bit in his mouth lunging and is ready for riding. Click here to see more photos in Happy To See You's Facebook Album.
quarter horse gelding for sale  quarter horse gelding for sale quarter horse gelding for sale

palomino quarter horse for sale, Skips Bo Giorgio  palomino quarter horse for sale, Skips Bo Giorgio


"A Certified KyBIF Horse"
2005 Palomino Gelding
Skips Bo Bid x The Gold Commodity

  Now 6 years old, George has a "10" disposition all the time, is honest, understands new concepts easily and has an eagerness to please. His correct conformation allows him to power from behind, giving him a strong push at the trot and canter while remaining smooth and comfortable to sit. His easy-going trot is a pleasure to ride and his canter is on the mark. His transitions between and within the gaits are very accurate, as he has natural collection and extension. He is a well-balanced individual with a positive attitude and a big willingness to please. George is an bold jumper with the tight knees of an “A” rated Hunter. His three gaits will win over any judge in the Hunter classes. George is slow enough to do WP and trail classes when asked. George is steady mover and won’t change his pace until cued. George has been raised right and brought along properly. Won the Jr. Weanling Stallion Halter class out of 12 at the KyQHBA Futurity (picture below). Trail ridden for 9 months as a 2 YO. As a 3 YO, George spent 9 months with Terry Johns working as an all-around. Began dressage work with him as a 4 and 5YO and as a 6 YO added jumps to his lesson plan. He loves to jump and has NOT REFUSED ANY JUMP. He has jumped several prelim heights, but we are consistently working on upper BN levels. Has minor surface scarring on his right rear foot. This does not affect his movement. Easy keeper, no bad habits, no vices, travels well, grooms well, trims the best. Rides English and Western. Overall a very, very calm horse that thrives on positive reinforcement. In the AQHA IF, KyQHA BIF, PHBA N/N. Click here to see more photos in Skips Bo Giorgios Facebook Album.
palomino quarter horse for sale, Skips Bo Giorgio  palomino quarter horse for sale, Skips Bo Giorgio  palomino quarter horse for sale, Skips Bo Giorgio

quarter horse mare for sale quarter horse mare for sale quarter horse mare for sale


"A Certified KyBIF Horse"
2006 Liver Chestnut Filly
Skips Bo Bid x Carlie Bee Quincy

  Uno is a talented 5 YO mare overflowing with enormous ability. In her very first dressage show, she came in second place, out of 5 horses, with a 69%. First place was 69.5% She is quiet and sensible, can be ridden English or Western and she understands cues for either discipline. Her correct conformation gives her the ability to really reach under and power from behind, while staying light and elevated in the front and keeping a connection. Uno is super soft in the bridle, but happily accepts the bit to come into a dressage frame. Uno is athletic and a fluid, steady mover. Uno‘s trot and canter are to die for! She has all the potential to move up the levels in dressage, and possibly jumping, as she has now started working over small fences. Her neck comes up out of her shoulders, so she carries her head in a dressage frame naturally and is never heavy on the forehand.  Uno has already started on lateral work and understands turn on the haunches, leg yields, and shoulder in. She is very balanced and has the ability to collect and extend easily. Those who ride her say there is no "work" involved when riding her as she responds as a partner. She is not “mare-ish”, is very eager to please and has a wonderfully expressive face. N/N. Reasonably priced.  Click here to see more photos on Skips Bo Numero Unos Facebook Album.
quarter horse mare for sale quarter horse mare for sale quarter horse for sale

quarter horse for sale, Docs Jubilee


"A Certified KyBIF Horse"
2009 Liver Chestnut Filly
Docs Triple Image x Carley Bee Quincy

 A 15HH filly with a lot of body, muscle and a good mind. Her sire is a multiple AQHA Champion and her dam has a bloodline with multiple performance disciplines. Jubilee is very athletic, agile and easy to train. She is a listener. Under saddle and green, she can go in many directions. Currently, she is trail riding. Get her and finish her in the direction you want to go. AQHA IF and KyBIF.
quarter horse for sale, Docs Jubilee     quarter horse for sale, Docs Jubilee     quarter horse for sale, Docs Jubilee

Carlie Bee Quincy Carlie Bee Quincy Carlie Bee Quincy

1996 Sorrel Mare
Coys Bo Jangles x Quincys Slipper

  Looking for a broodmare? One with a proven track record and no health problems? "Tiny" is what we call a one cover wonder. She live covers but does so one time and sticks. She is an excellent foaler and mother with plenty of milk. Nicknamed "Tiny" because she is anything but, she is an enormous mare standing 15.3HH and weighing 1500 pounds of solid muscle. Her chest measures more than 30" and we have never tried to measure the width of her behind. Tiny produces babies with lots of muscle than can move. We never have a problem selling her foals. She is N/H but never had a symptom and none of her babies, bred to NN studs has ever been symptomatic. She is a very independent mare that prefers to stay outside with other broodmares. She requires very little hoofcare, usually twice a year on her front feet only. She is the dam of Skips Bo Itty Bitty, Skips Bo Amazn Grace, Skips Bo Numero Uno and Docs Jubilee whom you can see on this page or the Sold Horses page. Tiny is priced to sell.

Touchdown Number One  Touchdown Number One  Touchdown Number One

Touchdown Kid x Im Number One of One
  This 2000 born mare had earned 52 halter points by her 2-year old birthday. We call her "DC". She is 16HH and weighs 1400 pounds and is N/N.
Her deceased sire was the 1995 Open and Amateur World Champion Weanling Stallion, earning his Open halter AQHA ROM in 1996, his Amateur halter AQHA ROM in 1997, more than $5,000 in incentive fund and world show dollars to date and 32.5 halter points. Touchdown Kid remains on the leading sires list as a proven world champion and multile association world champion sire.

  DC is nearly an exact replica of Touchdown Kid with a longer neck and more feminine head. DC has the classic bulldog body of the QH with massive carrydown behind and beautiful hocks.  She is grace in motion when she moves, too. Her dam is out of Sonnys Securitee by Sonny Go Te.

    On February 4, 2008, DC foaled a crackerjack colt by Maxxis, Superior buckskin halter stallion. The colt will be named Mega Max and is eligible for the KyBIF monies. Mega Max is on the Sale Barn page for the discerning buyer. He will be weaned June 1, 2008. DC has been bred back for a January foal to Sir Cool Skip, standing at Grace Berton's in Owensboro, KY. DC is for sale in foal to Sir Cool Skip (after Mega Max is weaned) and the sale price includes foaling the mare out in 2009 and boarding both mare/foal for one month. Serious inquiries only please.

    "DC" has been a top producer for me with 3 tremendous foals, all futurity top winners, 2 of which are palomino stud colts and 1 sorrel filly with flaxen mane and tail. Skips Bo Touchdown can be seen on the Sold Horses and Show Get Results page. Skips Bo Cherished and Skips Bo Legacy can be seen on the Show Get Results page.

Rugged Rosie Lark Rugged Rosie Lark Rugged Rosie Lark Rugged Rosie Lark
Rugged Lark x Sheza Rosie Step
  Own daughter of two-time Superhorse Rugged Lark, the only AQHA Superhorse to have also produced a Superhorse. A 1991 sorrel Rugged Rosie Lark is a halter point earner and proven producer! Mare puts beautiful dish faces and her laid-back attitude on her foals. This 15.2 HH mare's produce are everywhere and have won many futurities and AQHA points in many events including halter, reining, pleasure, jumping, hunter under saddle. Rosie is foundation eligible, too. Some of her get which are listed on this website under Sale Barn and Get Show Results include Skips Bo Sampson, Bows Rugged Lark and Skips Bo Bootylicous. See her 2006 palomino filly, Skips Bo Cleopatra, on the Sold Horses page.




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